Continental Capital Limited

Continental Capital Limited (CCL) was incorporated in 2008 and started trading as a stockbroker on 1st October 2008. CCL is licensed by the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) as a broker/dealer under the Financial Services Act 2010. The Company is also registered as corporate advisors on the Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE).

CCL offers the following services:

  • – Equity brokerage
  • – Structuring margin trade, bridging finance and discounting of listed equity
  • – Trading fixed income paper such as Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes and Bonds
  • – Listing of fixed income instruments
  • – Facilitating listing of fixed income instruments on the MSE
  • – Facilitating discounting of financial securities and REPO transactions
Customer service charter

As a fast-growing financial services group, the continental group aims at contributing significantly to improving the financial services sector in Malawi.

Dynamic and fast-growing technology-driven financial services group with a commitment to excellence and innovation.